A world without dreams is no world of mine!

Alempijevic Boban

1978, on an October afternoon the storm was raging and the sky was filled with thunder and heavy rain. Aparently someone was irritated at the fact that I was born... well, that sucks for that someone since I enjoy life!

Alempijevic Boban

A science lover and a budo seeker

The clock rang and everyone was shuffling in their seats, trying to get out from the classroom as fast as possible. The sound was as usual loud and annoying. Ever since I discovered the world of Tolkien at the age of nine I was stuck, stuck with my nose in books, in fantasies, in my worlds of imagination. I always had a book with me at school and I always went for it as fast as class was over. Science, naah, I could not care less to be honest. It was annoying to be forced to study, to learn, why should I? I learned everything I could from my imaginary worlds after all.

Well, there was Physics I guess...and Math... why was it so fun to solve puzzles?

Boban Alempijevic

I was never good at math and Physics back in elementary school, there was too much energy taken away from me due to all running. See, a child that keeps his nose inside books all day long and explodes as fast as you poke at him... recipe for disaster. At least I can say that I got a lot of exercise as a kid in school. So how come it stuck into my head, science I mean.. I had a father that worked in a factory, five shifts, worked all his life and it destroyed him in the end. One thing he had going for him though and that was the love for knowledge, love for understanding and science. My father always had me and my brother to sit along and watch every single nature program, science program, space program, that came on TV. He talked about history with us, philosophy, the importance of always standing up for what is right and never swallow everything that is told to you.

I guess my love for science started at a very young age after all even if it is first recently that it has truly started to bloom. 2015 May I went and got myself an EDX certificate in Cosmology, but now I am running ahead again.

Hi, my name is Boban Alempijevic and I define myself out from two points: 1. I am a martial Artist 2. I am a science, Geek. Both parts of me are essential to my life, without them I can not breathe, I will feel closed in and forgotten, I will start smelling like that forgotten egg in the back of the fridge. As a Martial Artist, I dabble in Karate and nowadays in Chinese Martial Arts as well, as a Scientist, I dabble in Sociology, but my passion is in space and all kind of Physics related topics with Math as the Cherry on the top. 2012, January I finished up my Master's Degree in Sociology and same year in November I managed to pass my Shodan test in karate (1Dan Black Belt), with only one broken little finger. I wear that crooked little finger as a badge, it reminds me to keep the fist closed in a fight.

Budo in heart and soul

Why is Martial Arts so important to me?

To explain something that defines you as an individual to the world or even to someone that knows you good is never an easy task. Honestly, it is something I rarely try to do properly either since it would take a lifetime most likely. I find it usually easier to quote certain passages from old martial arts legends and Buddhist passages when trying to explain it to my self even. Something that defines you is something that usually just feels like it is bigger than you or your own life. That is how it is for me at least.

Everyone who studies the Sutras should read them not only with the eyes that are in his head but also with those of his soul. - Bhudist Saint Nichiren

As a child, I was introduced to the art of Karate by a Sensei my father happened to know about in our hometown in southern Sweden. This specific Sensei came to be like a second father to me in many senses much later in life when his teachings finally started to trickle down in my mind and understanding of values. Sensei Jumrukovski was back then as he still today is a very strict, fair and hardworking person who is extreamly humble. To him Karate, and specifically the

A promise, a memory, a dream

Dojo is a second family, a life above anything else and this is what he managed to get through to me, even though it took half a lifetime for me to finally, realize where it came from.

My belief is that all these "schools" should be amalgated into one so that Karate-dõ may pursue an orderly and useful progress into man's future. - Gichin Funakoshi/ Karate-dõ My way of life

Physics, Space and Alien lifeforms

Why math is like the notes of life itself

Why does science grab me so hard, drag me along its path and makes me completely entranced? Mathematics was not a strong subject of mine back in my school days and yet...it calls out to me the older I get. For me science has but one single goal, one single importance in my own life, to try to understand why the stars pull on my soul so hard when I look up at them, be it dark or be it full day.

Numbers, measurements, constraints, and laws setting up a canvas of reality, and yet that perceived reality is as thick as one's imagination. Just as a symphony, the notes of each instrument is a composition, creating a beautiful melody, math explains nature, piece by piece that together creates a world that gave us humans a planet to call our own. Math is like notes of life itself.

Mathematics is a hidden "parallel universe," full of elegance and beauty,
intricately intertwined with our world. - Edward Frenkel

Science for free, science for everyone, where do we learn about our world from the masters directly?

Master Class: Edward Frenkel
Master Class: Paul Steinhardt
Space, Time and Einstein
Master Class: Max Tegmark
Master Class: Andrei Linde

These are the courses and classes I so far have taken from this wonderful place online , from the greatest minds of our time, not including the edx.org classes I've taken so far that is.

"The laws of nature are written in the language of mathematics," and without mathematics, "we are wandering about in a dark labyrinth." - Galileo

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" The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants "
- Funakoshi Gichin-sensei
" 一、凡ゆるものを空手化せよ其処に妙味あり Apply the way of karate to all things. Therein lies its beauty "
- Funakoshi Gichin-sensei
" People who wish to analyze nature without using mathematics must settle for a reduced understanding "
- Richard Feynman